D’harawal calendar mural – Alexandria Park Community School

An authentic representation of D’harawal-Eora science, the mural demonstrates local Aboriginal knowledge in context.

It provides an opportunity for the inclusion of Aboriginal perspectives around weather, climate cosmology and local ecology.

It provides a teaching and learning resource for partner schools, local community and teacher-training authorities.

It creates opportunities to integrate other learning streams (bush food gardens, literature and language programs, comparative cosmology units).

D’harawal calendar


Authentic learning

Aboriginal science and technology knowledge are significant local heritage.

Teaching and learning programs at Alexandria Park Community School recognise the knowledge, authority and custodianship of Cadigal Elders in this D’harawal-Eora Place.


The D’harawal calendar mural is a cross-campus mixed media project.

It provides opportunities for students to create their own representations of Aboriginal science in the context of place and time.

Generally, western scientific presumptions are considered to be at odds with Aboriginal perspectives and purposes.

Specifically, there is little relevance to place and the narrative voice of continuous connection is completely missing.

Teaching and learning outcomes

  • Students develop a heightened awareness of weather and learn to identify local plant and animal events as indicators of seasonal change.
  • Literacy and numeracy outcomes are met across the subject disciplines of science, art, geography and Aboriginal Studies.
  • The opportunity for students to learn D’harawal words and meanings reinforces the cultural significance of language, including Aboriginal English.

Story contributed by Kath Greenwood from Alexandria Park Community School. Published in 2016.